Hello there! Welcome to my website. I live in Green Valley, Arizona with my lovely dog, and in my spear time, I like to write articles regarding fitness and anything that I like to. All of my work is compiled here. Also, there is some product review that I think very important and highly to try. You’ll reed it soon! I promise it will not harm your health.

A short overview of healthy life

This blog is about taking back control of our lives and overall health by resetting our metabolism by feeding our bodies the correct nutrients at the cellular level.

When it comes to weight loss, reversing diabetes, eliminating high blood pressure/cholesterol, and getting control of chronic diseases we need to look past how much we’re eating and understand it’s about WHAT we’re eating (Fat & Protein mostly).

We all want to enjoy life to the fullest and live every day without the aches and pains. Who doesn’t want to look good and feel good? We want a better quality of life! You’re owed that!

Weight loss and health is not about calories in vs calories out. That’s just not sustainable. Sure you can follow along for 3-4 weeks, maybe even 3 to 4 months. All the while constantly fighting hunger pains, and boredom from a lack of variety. How many have gone on a weight loss plan consisting of fruit and vegetables, broiled chicken, salads and just got tired of it after a few weeks or months?

What do we do?

I’m all about helping you understand that not all calories were created equal. Far from it! A calorie from a piece of bread or drink of soda doesn’t metabolize in the body the same as a calorie from a healthy fat source such as red meat, olive oil, or cheese. Same as a calorie from a piece of fruit doesn’t get digested the same as a calorie from an egg (with the yolk!). I’ve counseled many people who have trouble sticking to a diet that is “healthy” and “low calorie”.

Most of us are constantly hungry and obsess about the next meal. This usually leads to negative feelings and anxiety about food and ends up in frustration and even worse…guilt. I’m here to tell you it’s not a YOU problem. It’s a lack of understanding of how our bodies were meant to process certain foods. Let me help you rediscover the truth about nutrition and health.

Fitness is a major component of improving our health and fighting off chronic disease. Staying active helps us better utilize the food we eat for energy, increase our muscle to fat ratio, increase weight loss, and improve our sleep. All of which leads to better mental health. Whether its resistance training or cardio training, physical activity helps to boost your metabolism all day while also releasing powerful mood enhancing hormones. What does this mean? It means a better health outlook and quality of life!

So, to recap, what is carrievisintainer.com?

CarrieVisintainer.com is a nutrition practice that helps to cut through the clutter. Focusing on resetting and understanding your metabolism so that you can improve your quality of life. It’s about taking control and confidence when it comes to those food choices we make every day.

I look forward to helping you, your family or your workplace find peace with food and nutrition.

Kind regards,
Carrie V.